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March 23, 2015 Comments (0) DIY

Water Ninja Trolling Motor

Water Ninja Trolling Motor

DIY is one of the biggest topics in the sport of kayak fishing. Myself, and many other kayak anglers around the world, enjoy creating out own products that fit specifically into our fishing methods and tactics. In addition to creating your own gear out of enjoyment, you can also save a TON of cash by creating your own products.

Check out this video from our Friends at! Dubbed “The Water Ninja”, this tiny trolling motor packs plenty of punch to power a kayak, but won’t 5-finger death punch your wallet in the process. This trolling motor is built to drop seamlessly into a Hobie with Mirage Drive.

There are only a few electric motors designed specifically for a kayak on the retail market today… and they are astronomically expensive. Unless you have thousands of dollars to spend on a kayak specific electric motor, then your best bet is to just DIY! Or, contact someone who can DIFY (Do It For You).

For more information on the Water Ninja, visit

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