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June 20, 2017 Comments (0) Adventures, Articles

Kayak Fishing Fort Pickens Florida

Kayak Fishing Fort Pickens Florida – GKF Camp N Paddle

This video is from a Georgia Kayak Fishing Camp N Paddle trip. Fort Pickens is quickly becoming one of my favorite places for a weekend adventure; endless fishing opportunities, kayaking, biking, beaching, camping… all within a short drive from Pensacola Beach. In this video we are offshore kayak fishing. The Spanish Mackerel were on fire this weekend (June 9th and 10th 2017). However, there were also King Mackerels being caught, along with bonito. There was bait cruising up and down the beach; hard tails and cigar minnows. However, the bait was a little more difficult to catch than they typically are with a sabiki rig. In this video I’m paddling my Jackson Big Tuna. The Big Tuna is a great offshore kayak fishing kayak. It’s big, stable, comfortable and has a bait tank. The Big Tuna is slow than most other kayaks though and can be effected by the wind. The weather on this trip was great! Temps in the 80’s with 0-15mph winds.

KOTI is an offshore kayak fishing tournament that will be held September 30th 2017 on Santa Rosa Island – Navarre Beach to Fort Pickens. This offshore kayak fishing tournament targets everything from mackerel, tuna, sailfish, mahi mahi and much more! For more information, visit the King of the Island website at

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