GPS Numbers

GPS Numbers for Kayak Fishing

GPS Technology is great for kayak fishing and outdoor adventures. Nearly every new location I visit, paddle, fish or hike… i’m pulling GPS numbers to help understand the water and terrain. You never know what can be included in a GPS Map. Outside of the obvious (topo, roads, trails, features), you may find pinned information that highlights underwater features like wrecks and reefs, historical landmarks, tide charts, hidden fishing holes or depth markers. This makes GPS numbers extremely important when you’re on site. Don’t fly blind Folks… do your homework and utilize these game changing tools for your next kayak fishing adventure. Utilizing GPS can help you be at the right place, at the right time, and catch more fish.

THIS IS A WORKING PAGE – More locations to be added soon!

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Georgia GPS Numbers

DNR Lands, Georgia Coast Reef Locations




Florida GPS Numbers

Florida Reefs! Florida Wilderness areas, you’ll find .gpx and .kmz files available for download below. This file contains public numbers for all State Funded or Popular Reef locations off the entire cost of Florida!



Looking for detailed Florida Keys Files? Here ya go! It’s all here; GPS, Tide Charts, .gpx, .kmz…



Looking for detailed Florida Gulf Islands Wilderness? Here ya go! It’s all here; GPS, Tide Charts, .gpx, .kmz…



Alabama GPS Numbers

If you are offshore fishing in Alabama… here are the known public reefs in Alabama Waters.


South Carolina GPS Numbers

If you are offshore fishing in South Carolina… here are the known public reefs in SC Waters.

South Carolina Reef Locations

This page is a work in progress… and we will be adding new GPS downloads in the coming weeks. In addition, we will be developing a section on the various types of GPS Files and how to use them. Below is a video Nick developed that shows you how to upload GPS Files into a Lowrance Elite 4 HDI…

To Convert KMZ Files to GPX Files, go to GPS Visualizer!