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Google Earth Fishing Videos

Google Earth Fishing Videos:

Change the game with satellite imagery!

Google Earth is a powerful tool for anglers. It allows us, from the comfort of our homes, to scout out waters that we plan to fish. You can easily load GPS data that details reef locations or fish attractors into Google Earth. Then use the satellite imagery to find the best location to launch from. You can also find an over abundance of fishing boats in certain locations. For example, certain reefs in the Florida area can be found on Google Earth because they are always covered up with guide/dive boats.

Another way you can utilize Google Earth to catch more fish is by searching for .GPX or .KMZ files online that contain GPS information on points of interest like wrecks and reefs. There’s a lot of info out there you just have to look in the right places. Below are videos from the¬†YouTube Playlist “Google Earth Fishing.” They are showcasing made made shallow reefs off the coast of Florida.

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State of Florida Overview


Destin Florida


Florida Keys


Panama City


Tampa Bay / St. Pete




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