Fishing Reels

The products recommended below are HAND PICKED by HydraYak! We recommend these products because we use them ourselves or have some kind of experience using this equipment. Amazon offers some of the best prices online. So shopping on not only puts you on the best quality products for your dollar, but also shows you the best prices online!

Kayak Fishing Reels Recommendations

Shark caught kayak fishing. Destin Florida

Shark caught kayak fishing. Destin Florida

Penn Reels for Kayak Fishing

Pretty much the first name is Saltwater Fishing Reels is Penn. I’ve got Level Winds that use for trolling and a Spinfisher I’ve used for Reds. I’ve used the Senators many times in the past. I’ve used the same Penn Reels for 10 plus years of fishing. They make up the majority of my saltwater collection of reels. I also use many of these for striped bass fishing in freshwater. Penn makes great products and if you want a reel that will last 50 years and still have a manufacturer standing behind their products, Penn is the way to go.

Conventional Reels

Looking to troll baits on the beaches for big game? Fish deep saltwater? Conventional Reels are the way to go. Some prefer spinning reels. But, it all depends on how you fish. With a conventional reel, you can set your bait/lure at the desired depth/distance, turn the clicker on and leave the bait open. When a fish hits, the reel screams. Flip the bale to set the hook and hang on. Here’s a great lineup of reels that will get the job done for years to come.

Spinning Reels (for Saltwater)


Shown below are 3 reels from the Fierce Series of Spinning Reel, and the Spinfisher Series of Reel. Just starting out? Look into a Fierce Series. These are high quality fishing reels despite the low price tag. The Fierce Series Reel is well balanced and casts extremely well. Ah the Spinfisher, well built with high quality components. These reels are built for a pounding. A cheap reel may not have a tight drag when it comes down to muscling large fish. The Spinfisher is game. The Drag system is outstandingly sensitive. You can get these reels in a Live Line version too… which allows you to gear down the drag with a flip of a switch.

Spinning Reels (for Freshwater)

Below I’ve listed some of my favorite reels for freshwater fishing. I DIG the Pflueger Trion Spinning Reel. I use the TRI20X for trout or pan fish. The TRI35X for Bass. It’s a great reel! It’s smooth, it’s well balanced, it casts well and it’s easy on your wallet. The Pfluerger President is very close in preformance and feel, it’s just made with some higher end materials that give it strength and durability. Both reels are ideal for cast lures, spoons or bait.