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Essential Kayak Fishing Gear – Fishing Pliers

PLine Aluminum Fishing Pliers

Essential Kayak Fishing Gear – Fishing Pliers. The sport of kayak fishing is evolving quickly from season to season. Kayaks are coming out that incorporate new technology and are more versatile than ever before. It’s an exciting time for kayak anglers! When most kayak anglers first get started, they are paddling a used kayak, with a rod, a PFD and a small tackle box. These days, kayak anglers are hitting the water with an array of fishing, paddling and outdoor equipment. Depending on what species of fish you are targeting. And the season you’re fishing. And the water conditions. Essential kayak fishing equipment can vary greatly. But, no matter where you’re kayak fishing, be sure to have a good set of aluminum pliers on board. In this write up, the one Essential Kayak Fishing Gear Item that you should ALWAYS take fishing is a set of Fishing Pliers!

I currently use the…

P-Line Aluminum Plier with Tungsten Carbide Cutter, 6.5

essential kayak fishing equipment - fishing pliers

Essential Kayak Fishing Gear – Fishing Pliers

There are many situations wear an angler needs a good set of pliers;

  • Cut line & Leaders
  • Remove Hooks
  • Rig Building
  • Gripping Tackle

A good set of aluminum pliers is invaluable (especially when fishing saltwater). These P-Line Aluminum Pliers run around $20 with tax. And that’s likely higher than you’ll actually pay for them if you shop around. Therefore, aluminum pliers are one of the cheapest essential kayak fishing tools. These pliers come with a canvas case that can be attached to your PFD, which can be deployed in an instant. We’ve had a set for 3 season now and they are not rusted closed. If you use pliers from a hardware store, they will rust shut very quickly. Also, if you keep a set of “hardware store special” steel pliers in your tackle box, it’ll be the first thing in a tackle box to rust. If the rust goes unchecked, all of your terminal tackle will be the next thing to rust. So you’ll likely have to trash everything in that tackle box and replace with new.

While you can get by without a set of pliers freshwater bass fishing, a set of pliers certainly makes life easier. Saltwater fishing, a set aluminum pliers is your best friend.

Here’s a great (and very accurate) video review from FishUSA on the P-Line Aluminum Pliers…

Kayak Fishing First Aid

If you fish long enough, you’re going to hook yourself at some point. Getting hooked typically isn’t a big deal and there are 2 things that should be covered in the event that you hook yourself;

  1. Hook Removal
  2. Sterilization of the Wound

A nice set of pliers allows you to get a solid grip on the hook,  and remove the hook from your skin quickly and easily.

  1. One method of hook removal is to grip the hook tightly, push the hook towards the wound to clear the barb and remove.

2. Another method is to push the hook point clear through the skin and either clip/crimp the barb and the hook shaft slides out easily.

Sterilization of the Wound – A small tube of Neosporin Ointment is a great option for treating wounds in the field or on the water.

With a nice (and clean) set of pliers, hook removal can be preformed quickly and easily. Ensuring that your day of fishing isn’t ruined by a trip to seek medical attention. Without a good set of pliers, you’re only options could be to “yank” the hook out or go for help. Not a good look!


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