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Check out these links to our favorite kayak fishing websites from around the world wide web! If a site/business/organization is on this list, it’s because these websites contain valuable information on the sport of kayak fishing and contribute to our rapidly growing community. Play a role in growing this sport; teach others, support others, create content and have fun! Get out there and explore!

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Georgia Kayak Fishing

Lanier Area Kayak Fishing Enthusiasts 

Gulf Coast Kayak Fishing Association

New England Kayak Fishing

The Fort Lauderdale Kayak Fishing Club

South West Florida Kayak Angler’s Association

Texas Kayak Fisherman

Mobile Bay Kayak Fishing Association

Chesapeake Bay Kayak Fishing Anglers

Central Coast Kayak Fishing

North Carolina Kayak Fishing Association

Kayak Fishing Alliance

Saltwater Kayak Fisherman

East Coast Kayak Fishing


Georgia River Fishing


Tight Lines and Plastic Boats

Adventure Nature Writing

Aquahunters Kayak Fishing Hawaii

Kayak Fish Magazine

Kayak Fishing Magazine

Pensacola Fishing Forum

Kayak Fishing Addiction

Kayak Fishing Stuff

Kayak Fishing Blog

Bayou Yakin’

Angling Addict

Georgia Outdoor Network (GON)

VooDoo Kayak Fishing

 Kayak Fishing Times

Kayak Fishing Oregon


Australian Kayak Fishing Forum

Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournaments 


 Other Resources

Fishing Knots

Brain Sanford Photography

Jon Harris Music

The Sundogs Music