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Cape San Blas Kayak Fishing

Cape San Blas Kayak Fishing

Easter Sunday, we took off for Cape San Blas in Florida… thinking we were going down to fish for Cobia. Well… Mr. Brown couldn’t be found. But Mr. Grey was ready and willing to tug our kayaks around the beach. The sharks were thick. I won’t ever try to get my hook out of a sharks mouth while a mile offshore in a kayak… so I donated a lot of tackle on this trip by cutting line. But it was worth it. The sharks were a blast to catch.

We camped out both nights at the Indian Pass Camp Grounds. It was windy and cool at night. We were very happy with the wind, because it kept the biting flies out of the open and away from out hammocks. The ENO Hammocks are out go-to choice for these kinds of trips. They are quick and easy to set up. Another huge advantage of these hammocks is they barely take up any room in the truck (unlike a tent). The Indian Pass Campground was busy… there were quite a few RV’s and most camp spots were full. The bathrooms were adequate. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give them a 7. They were clean. But… the bathrooms were closed for cleaning between 9am and 10:30am.

Fishing – Indian Pass may be a good place to fish for trout or red fish, but we did not attempt it. The tidal flows through Indian Pass can be very strong. So we wanted to avoid fighting the tides and winds on this trip. Our goal was to fish offshore. So we elected to launch our kayaks from Cape San Blas. We used cigar minnows as out primary bait. We had planned to sabiki up some fresh bait from the beach but this proved to be difficult. The schools of bait that were on the beach were scattered and getting destroyed by dolphins. The last thing the schools of bait fish wanted was to feed. We were after cobia… but we found sharks. Lots and lots of sharks. We stopped into Half Hitch Tackle for some gear and advice. One of the guys said we might get a cobia off of the Cape San Blas beach but we should definitely catch shark. Oh how right this guy was! It turns out there are marker buoys between the cape and Mexico Beach. Cobia love structure and will hold in these areas. Next year, we’ll be fishing the buoys!

Cape San Blas - 2015 Kayak Fishing Trip

Cape San Blas – 2015 Kayak Fishing Trip

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