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Fly Fishing the Dream Stream – South Platte River, Colorado

Fly Fishing the Dream Stream

South Platte River, Colorado

March 18th 2017

Nick Adams and Brian Sanford spent a day at the Charlie Meyers Recreation Area hiking, fly fishing for huge trout, and flying the DJI Mavic Pro. The Dream Stream is located between the Spinney Mountain Reservoir and the Eleven Mile Reservoir. This is a Gold Star Fishery and one of the most famous trout fishing areas in the United States. To be a Gold Star Fishery, a body of water must contain 60lbs of trout per acre or more.

The weather was unseasonably warm for Mid March. There were a lot of big rainbows and cut-bows (a hybrid between a rainbow trout and a cutthroat trout) in the river attempting their yearly spawn migration. As a result of the great weather and the migrating trout, the anglers were out in full force as well.

The drone clips in this video were shot with a DJI Mavic Pro. The Charlie Meyers Rec Area is a huge wide open space. The wind was sustained at around 15mph with larger gusts into the 25mph range. The High Velocity Wind Warning was triggered a couple times but the Mavic had zero trouble holding it’s pitch and yaw, and powering through the wind with ease.

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